DJs For Hire In Glasgow & Deluxe Mobile Disco Service
DJs For Hire In Glasgow & Deluxe Mobile Disco Service

DJs For Hire In Glasgow & Deluxe Mobile Disco Service

If you are searching for DJs for hire in Glasgow - Look no further! Ritz Media are the premier choice for Glasgow DJ services, offering state-of-the-art mobile disco services for special events. We provide you with an unforgettable party atmosphere via our combination of talented DJs, cutting-edge equipment, mesmerising light shows and brilliant music selection.

Discover more about our Glasgow DJ services here: DJ Services


Why Glasgow?

Glasgow, with its vibrant arts scene and iconic locales, provides a plethora of venues for various events. From the lively Merchant City to the chic West End, our DJ hire services are the perfect choice for weddings, corporate functions, and parties in Glasgow and beyond.


What To Expect From Our DJs for hire in Glasgow

When you book our mobile disco service in Glasgow, we'll travel to your event, set up equipment, and deliver an exceptional mobile disco service. We supply both the DJ for hire in Glasgow as well appropriate equipment for your event's size and scale. Typically this would include a DJ booth, PA system and lighting equipment but may also include other equipment that you require such as a backdrop, smoke or haze machines etc. Setup and take down times are both typically under 1 hour.


Why Choose Ritz Media's DJ Service?

Our DJ Service is renowned for delivering a brilliant party experience and features gorgeous light shows and equipment setups as well as professional, impeccably-dressed DJs that amplify your event's aesthetics. Our DJs excel in engaging the audience and creating brilliant party atmospheres.

  • Premier Experience: Ritz Media offers a fantastic mobile disco experience with top-tier equipment and gorgeous light shows that uplift any venue's atmosphere.
  • Professional & Adaptable DJs: Our elegant DJs embody professionalism and are adept at reading the room, ensuring the music always strikes a chord with the attendees.
  • Versatility for Every Event: From weddings to corporate functions, our DJs can provide music for any type of function.


Experience, Expertise, and Dedication

Our team comprises seasoned professionals who have entertained audiences not only in Glasgow but across the UK. Each member is selected for their vast experience and passion for entertainment. This dedication and expertise have positioned us among the top DJs in Glasgow and the broader industry.

Our DJs are more than just track selectors; they're artists, crafting music that complements each event's unique vibe. But our proficiency isn’t limited to music. We're equipped with advanced PA systems and dynamic lighting setups, turning any venue into a spectacle of sound and visuals.

From romantic weddings and large corporate events to cozy private parties, we have the expertise and equipment to satisfy all needs, creating unforgettable experiences that remain etched in memories for years.


Service Areas

Our DJs for hire in Glasgow provide professional mobile disco and DJ services to events in Glasgow, its neighbouring regions and throughout the UK.

For a list of locations our team cover, see: Locations Covered


Music Selection and Requests

Starting from the agreed time, your DJ will mix music and lighting effects to match the event's mood. Initially, we typically play easy-listening music at a background level with subdued, soft lighting to allow guests to converse comfortably during social interactions. As the mood shifts and guests become more inclined to dance, we raise the music volume, select more lively tracks, and intensify our lighting effects to create an exhilarating dance experience. Our DJs interact with guests, accept song requests, and make announcements if required. We play a broad range of music from various genres and eras, focusing primarily on well known hits that will resonate with everyone in attendance, ensuring the perfect party experience. Guests are encouraged to approach our DJ for song requests and in the unlikely event that we don't have it already we'll source it on the fly.


Equipment and Setup

We utilise state-of-the-art equipment and have backup equipment ready for unforeseen issues. We liaise with the venue about setup prerequisites. While setup duration can vary, most events see us setting up within an hour and packing up in about 30 minutes. The equipment we deploy includes microphones, DJ Booth, DJ Controller, Audio Mixer, Laptop with DJ and Lighting Software, amplifier, speaker system, and lighting. Atmosphere-enhancing tools like haze or smoke machines and other equipment like wireless microphones or projector screens are also available upon request. We aim to arrive at least 2 hours before the event to ensure ample setup time.


Pricing and Packages

Further information about our offerings can be found on our DJ Services page. Pricing depends on several factors like travel expenses, equipment needs, and event duration. For a precise quote, please contact us.


Interaction and Presentation

Our DJs for hire in Glasgow create an enthralling party ambiance, selecting the right music for the ideal party mood. They can act as MCs, making announcements, sharing song insights, and always maintain a professional demeanour. Our DJ always dress appropriately for the occasion, typically wearing a black suit with a black or purple shirt.


Backup and Contingencies

In the rare instance that a DJ cannot perform due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, we strive to replace them with another team member without a hitch. We also maintain backup equipment to guarantee the event continues smoothly even if there's an equipment malfunction. We can still provide our DJ services without WiFi at your venue as our offline music libraries are massive and contains almost every major hit from the 1950s to the present day.


Additional Services

In addition to our Glasgow DJ services, we offer Photography, Videography for capturing and broadcasting events, and other entertainments like Photo Booths, Magicians, and Musicians.


Availability and Booking Information

Due to the first-come, first-served nature of DJs for hire in Glasgow and the events industry in general, it's advisable to book your DJ services as early as possible to secure your preferred date, especially during peak seasons.

Contact us today for bookings, pricing, and availability.

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